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Also known as the Aha! Wing for all of the above, plus most of the below, here is where pure fun & productive awareness work together in the spirit of play,  hustle, knowing, & discovery; where effort, exercise, engagement & overview may generate surprise, realization, insight & development.
“What kind of architecture is both an addition &, losing a letter, a subtraction?”       [A: An ANNEX or AN EX.]

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    WELCOME: Guide’s Intro

Welcome, friend. Here’s the deal in a nutshell. This annex of the Bod L-O-L is dedicated to the art of productive play, the enjoyable activity that helps wise up–you, students, friends, seekers, would-be sages &/or seers stumbling here as if by accident, starting with HOW WE ACTUALLY LEARN. 

HOW? By DOING, PLAYING, PRACTICE; trial & error, trial & improvement;  intentional inquiry, accidental encounter; by EXAMPLE, model, inspiration; by REFLECTION, GUIDANCE from others; by paying attention, making course corrections,  revising; &, of course, by REPETITION. 

“The proof is in the pudding–along with the lumps.” –Yours Crudely

Since the pudding’s in the play, practice & experience, there’s no pudding per se on site, only recipes & overview guide. Recipes are the templates for how experience may be structured for maximum insight, learning & skill development –as well as for fun, enjoyment, & camaraderie.

The guide helps provide an added insight-generator, where insights & overview overlap. As Einstein’s thought-experiments proved, the mind can imagine what is beyond its ability to practice or carry out. We can experience a degree of muscle awareness as spectators, & expand understanding as thought-players–all the more so where mind is the primary agency of play.

3 levels–game template, actual play, & overview guide–are inevitably wound up together in actual game experience, whether approaching as player, guide or explorer. You can’t play without some basic sense of template & overview, what the game is & how it works. These most naturally arise from the play itself, whether actual or virtual; as player,  spectator or coach.

By its nature, the website functions primarily as guide, though when possible, offering clear enough recipes to provide at least a virtual sense of the  play involved. In some cases, the recipes will make actual play possible; in others, it’s the insights generated that will have the most meaning, i.e., make the most difference.

Games discussed cover some range, in mode, skill set, playability, sense of familiarity, etc.. Although some are entirely original, others are original adaptations of previously published templates in the public domain. More original recipes from Land of Enchantment Game Company’s home-grown repertoire may eventually get uploaded, and/or discussed in some detail, especially in relation to financial discussions.

For now, however, the focus starts out mostly on territory overview, with some simple (yet mind-boggling) game-examples easily reproducible for a small group or active class. More of these will be available in the “Bod College Sub-Annex,” with practical applications organized in sample courses [same web address as here if you drop the hyphen].

Overview includes not just insight into particular games at hand, the practical applications, but exploration into game theory itself, another order of consideration & potential source of productive awareness. As with all thought-based disciplines (e.g., history, science, literature), consideration of the discipline itself becomes part of the content the more advanced student-&/or-scholar.

Such consideration tend to involve history of the discipline (including major contributions & breakthroughs), along with its methodologies, model practitioners, philosophical & psychological under-pinnings, & conceptual challenges. Besides works of literature, for example, we find works of literary theorists, historians, linguists, philosophers, interpreters….

Reflections on a field become part of that field. This may be considered a fundamental Mirror-Times-Mirror effect, possibly as basic to vibrating strings & entanglement as to chemistry, social psychology & strategic engagement. In the case of the last, for example, one’s own choices are  influenced by how one reads & interprets the choices of others–about as basic as one gets to what’s called “theory of mind,” the capacity to read & interpret the mind of others.

This is always a relative & selective capacity, filtered by culture & biological form, as well as sense of closeness to the mind being read. Dogs tend to have a highly developed capacity to read humans, for example. using eye-focus, plus many visual, tonal & olfactory cues of expression, attitude & attention. Even a highly intelligent human may totally miss what’s really going on in another’s mind, however–as the story about Inverse, the von Neuman household dog at Princeton, may illustrate.

Those already reading Yours Crudely’s mind may expect more on von Neuman to come…. [See Atrium feature #1.]

The uncertainty principle in mental guestimation provides the basis for the British tv game show Golden Balls, as illustrated in Atrium feature #2, about the single most brilliant, counter-intuitive & template-challenging strategy in the show’s history.

Other pages are in progress follow for Game Overview & Adventures in Understanding, including Aha! experiences.


Special greetings to:

# Game designers, enthusiasts, & theorists. Feel free to scroll down to our current LOBBY FEATURE on the “Golden Balls” show, with discussion of the “most innovative strategy ever tried,” a little toggle to boggle the strategic mind, &/or head deeper into the core philosophical territory .

# Adventurers who found their way here following their noses. Keep it up. Scroll far enough & you’ll find footnotes to follow, e.g., How the Inverse Wing Got Its Name, as well as scenic detours, & trails into the unmapped .

# Members of the Mishugunah Order. The muse of play welcomes you with open arms, mind, mumu, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, doors, windows, mirrors, flies, fortune cookies, nested dolls & boxes.

# Enlightenment seekers, reincarnated near-seers, beneficent guides of compassionate daycare, night-trippers for justice, fellow travelers. Fools enter free (half-off all exits, while they last).

# Refuge friends following up on the “Nature Connect” challenge. Feel free to skip over to the Nature-Connect page, though nothing seems to have come of the frothy ideas yet.

# Students (& teachers) of writing, awareness, thinking, feeling, playing, sharing, & being skills. Feel free to noodle around &/or go directly to what used to be the “Master Class” room, now a Bod College Annex of its own, for a systematic guide to understanding & skill development, integrating game-based doing & conceptual insight, experience & overview, play & progress.

No one learns alone.  Whether all alone or all one, nothing lasts forever–rarely longer. Sooner or later, later become sooner–then then. A journey of a thousand miles may begin with a single…thought, then proceed step by step. A fall of a thousand feet may start with a single slip & continue on its own, thanks to gravity.

In our still imaginary TIARA (Total Immersion Augmented Reality Accelerator), you can play Drop Inn to experience falling thousands of feet into the Bottomless Gorge, without ever hitting bottom–but you must first sign a release form for your TIARA-wig, i.e., the top of your head, in case it can’t keep up with the rest of your sensational acceleration.

Most games maintain their “play” status by being more or less 100% safer than the reality portrayed in theme, content & trappings. Better to get something fatal “wrong” in the simulation than in the reality, in other words, though the benefits of simulator training aren’t limited to any particular set of potentially catastrophic circumstances. The practice itself can have seat-of-the-pants value.

That may be said of thought, too, following the principle that we tend to develop what we exercise. From von Neuman’s earliest game-theoretical modeling, thought has been a major focus, as well as methodology of game theorists, who quickly invited experiment & strategic application to the party, the former for exploration, observation & discovery; the latter for practical matters of national defense policy, as well as the improvement of social, political & economic returns.

Just as the original “simulator” is a function of the imagination, requiring no outer technology, so practical applications “begin at home,” i.e., in our own humble experience, where seat-of-the-pants value may reside. It’s not rocket science, in other words, nor the chemistry of highly charged “fuels.” Two tiger cubs may practice the arts of war affectionately together, the difference reflected in retracted claws & play-biting fur, not gouging flesh.

The affection developed rolling around & exercising young muscles together may even serve the cubs well in other areas of cooperation, learning to feel & act as parts of one. This plays an even more critical role in most human games–the ability, on the one hand, to learn from each other; on the other hand, to work as a team; & on another order of magnitude, to recruit, train, deploy & guide the variety of group resources.

The relationships between cooperation & competition can be quite complex, as well as quite fundamental to living systems with ecological, evolutionary & economic aspects. Ironically, competition tends to drive higher orders of cooperation, for example, if only to defend against the threats posed by other cooperating entities & groups…. [7/22/18]




* New sites are in various degrees of unreadiness for visitors, including this one. Old sites are presumably worse.     New MAPA Center (Maps, Arts, Poetry & Addenda)         New ECO ZONE (new Seeds of Thought, Aldo page, etc.)     Inverse GAME Annex (for confirming you’re HERE!)        Bod College Sub-Annex (for non-credits in strategic thinking, easy writing, & post-conventional/ pre-creative awareness….

[Hope to have a new BASHO-WING up in 2018. Our old one ran into technical problems.] 

Art, Poetry, Word-Snaps, & Seeds of Thought from earlier than mid-2017 or so are still at our old headquarters site–, Center for Art, Poetry & Ecology; All posts, postits, riffs, rants, raves & historical reflections from pre-2018 are still at, Posts, Archives, Special Topics (60’s, 50’s, time & mind).

“Bod College” is located in Sub-Annex of the Game Annex (just dropping hyphen in web address).  Various courses there (mostly still to go up) have game-annex relevance, including STEWPA 101, being on Strategic Thinking -Effective Writing-& Productive Awareness, using active play-like structured experiences in skill development [though organized in a conceptual framework adapted from classical rhetoric].

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