Welcome to the Bod Library-On-Line’s

~~Inverse von Neumann Annex for Game theory:
~~~~Adventures in understanding;
~~~~Ultimate Advantage; &
also known as the Aha! Wing for all of the above,
plus most of the below, in the spirit of pure play.
in the spirit of pure knowing, in the spirit of pure
compassion promoting more productive awareness…

Welcome, friend. Here’s the deal in a nutshell. This wing of the Bod L-O-L is dedicated to the dual Game of PLAY & WISE UP–you, your students, seekers, would-be sages &/or accidental seers,

starting with a little attention to how we learn–by DOING, PLAYING, ATTENTIVE DISCOVERY, TRIAL & ERROR, TRIAL & EXECUTION, ACCIDENT, WHAT WISE TEACHERS SHARE, as here, BY EXAMPLE, model, inspiration,
course correction,

“The proof is in the pudding–along with the lumps.” –Yours Crudely


Special greetings to:

# Game designers, enthusiasts, & theorists–whether linking from discussion of the Golden Balls TV show or elsewhere. Feel free to scroll down to our current LOBBY FEATURE, with discussion of the “most innovative strategy ever tried.”

# Adventurers who found their way here following their noses–keep it up. Scroll down far enough & you’ll find footnotes to follow, e.g., How the Inverse Wing Got Its Name.

# Members of the Mishugunah Order–the muse of play welcomes you with open arms, mouth, mop closet, mind, mu–now you see-um, now you don’t.

# Enlightenment seekers, reincarnated seers, beneficent guides of compassionate daycare, night-trippers for justice, fellow travelers–fools enter free (half-off all exits, while they last).

# Refuge friends following up on the “Nature Connect” challenge. Feel free to skip on over to the Nature-Connect page on this site.

# Students (teachers) of writing, awareness, thinking, feeling, playing, sharing, & being skills–feel free to noodle around &/or go directly to what used to be the “Master Class” room, now Bod College, on a site of its own reachable from here, where you’ll find a more systematic guide to understanding & skill development, which integrates game-based doing & conceptual insight in a progressive sequence of  light-shedding course adventures.


YOU ARE HERE NOW (self-reference desk). 

From HERE, you can–

a) SCROLL up & down ON THIS PAGE, e.g., to
~~~~~Page Menu, top right;
~~~~~Footnotes & addenda, straight down;  

~~~~~Atrium Features (Golden Balls Analysis);
~~~~~Games & Their Applications;
~~~~~Adventures in understanding;
~~~~~More Coming ASAP;

c) CLICK to NETWORKED SITES– (MAPA Centre: maps, arts, poetry); (courses in writing, awareness, thinking); (old headquarters, eco zone back-up); (post archives & historical topics);
~~~~~* [see footnote near bottom of Atrium scroll for more]

[d) get lost (&/or found again); e) drop by Cafe Amygdala for a freshly squeezed cup of virtual whatever;  f) add your 2-cents worth to the conversation; etc..]


* New sites are in various degrees of unreadiness for visitors, including this one.      MAPA Center (for Maps, Arts, Poetry & Addenda)      Inverse GAME Annex (HERE!)       Bod College (Sub-annex) 

[We’ll also have a new ECO-WING & BASHO-WING up soon.] 

For now our Eco-Zone is still housed on our old headquarters site–, Center for Art, Poetry & Ecology;

with all postits, riffs, rants & raves in the old History Annex–, Posts, Archives, & Historical Topics.


[Underfoot Notes:

In addition, Bod L-O-L’s  Unnamed Mirror-Times-Mirror Complex for Humor & Media ( & .com) doubles as official underground dump-repository-random excerpt scrap heap for PIPA, the Peninsula Independent Press Association, using an in-shed Otto Editing program said to have the “selective literary taste of a shredder.” ***.

*** Like virtual shredder baskets, the M-T-M sites are homes away from home for more or less randomly selected excerpts, ads, blurbs, columns, coming attractions (“one night only”), flasher reports, escher design,  PiR2 recipes, articles, conjunctions, corrections & retractions, insertions, pocket dictionary entries, exits, scenic loops & vistas…**

** From member publications & media productions of the Mishugunah Peninsula Independent Press Association, headquartered (more like 8ths) in the Mirror Times Mirror Building in downtown Periphery Centre, “where truth comes for a proper obituary.”*

*  As a living example of “media-play runaway,” M-T-M sites are not  recommended for the mentally, emotionally, &/or psychotically unstable–or for anyone else for that matter. Bod Library does not endorse, condone or try to correct PIPA-supplied content, as reflected in Mirror-Times-Mirror sites, screaming media, & other [Dangling] member publications.

Some would-be visitors might be happier at the Kafka Library Depositary down the virtual street, with its new Smoking Roach Cafe. Or perhaps traveling backwards down Alice’s hole &/or through her glass, at one of the many Wonderlands, some now web accessible. We suspect the M-T-M alternatives will improve over time, with a little curating.

If that isn’t warning enough, Mirror-Times-Mirror Complex visitors  should be prepared to: a) lower standards; b) Limbo Bar hop; c) claim to have read & agreed to all disclaimers, conditions, & qualifications finely printed elsewhere; d) not be currently operating heavy machinery or on someone else’s brain; e) exit early on signs of excess distress, projectile disgust overload or extreme underwhelming; f) find material funny enough to fit in an niche of a comprehensive laugh therapy plan; g) whizz-bang gee-see spot go; h) hope humorously intended material improves; i) stop when idiot/ editor in charge has gone too far….]

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